LaunchBox Premium with Big Box

DRM-Free, Constantly Updated, Tons of Features, Community-Driven

The Features are Real

We Hate DRM

Your LaunchBox Premium License is DRM-free, which means that you can deploy it to as many personal computers as you wish. We believe that the time and investment spent fighting piracy and trying to prevent people from stealing from us is better spent adding new features and fixing bugs, and paying users don't deserve to be inconvenienced by DRM. Take that, society.

Cut-and-Paste Installation

There is no complicated installation process required to upgrade to LaunchBox Premium. Simply copy the license file you receive to your LaunchBox installation folder, and your instance of LaunchBox will take care of the rest the next time it starts. There is no data loss, no library corruption, no errors or bug reports, and no headaches.

Multiple Licensing Options

Having trouble with payments? Contact us at and we will resolve your issue in an excessively expedient manner.

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