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Easy Installation Process

Supported Android Devices

Any Android device running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher should work in a pinch, but Android 10.0 (Q) is recommended. The app should work well on most modern Android phones, tablets, and Android TV devices. We test on flagship Samsung phones and the Nvidia Shield TV. Chinese-branded devices are not recommended.

Free for 100 Games or Less

LaunchBox for Android is now free if you need less than 100 games. For an unlimited number of games, you can easily purchase a DRM-free license. But you might as well download and try out the app for free, first! It's super easy to install the license after purchasing, and it does not require a reinstall.

Still Running the Old Google Play Version?

You will need to uninstall the old Google Play version before installing the new and improved version, or it may not install correctly. Be sure to back up your collection first, as Android will sometimes completely clear out the LaunchBox folder when uninstalling the old Google Play version.

We've freed ourselves from Google Play in order to bring you the best version of LaunchBox we can, with the least number of headaches. This way we can get you new features and fixes faster, as we don't have the overhead of an overbearing corporation breathing down our necks.

If you need your license upgraded to the new version (if you previously purchased the app on Google Play), please send us an email at from your Google Play email address, and we'll get back to you with an updated forever license.


LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Sega Genesis - Ariel the Little Mermaid

LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Nintendo Entertainment System - Cabal

LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Platform Banners

LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Sega Genesis Wheel - Cannon Fodder

LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Sega 32X Games

LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Platform Wheel

LaunchBox for Android Screenshot - Sega Genesis - Back to the Future Part III

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